Your Definitive Guide to Strength Exercises

The website is your definitive guide to using strength exercises when working out.

What are Strength Exercises?

Strength exercises are fitness exercises that require the use of the type of fitness equipments usually (but not always) found in professional gyms.

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Strength Exercises offers more than 60 strength exercises for you to consider. They are organized by the main muscle group each targets. You'll also note that each strength exercise is presented using 2-frame illustrations showing you the correct starting positions as well as the exercise movements.

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Advantages to using Strength Exercises

There are many advantages to using strength exercises.

Muscle Isolation
Firstly, performing strength exercises require that your body be securely held in place for optimal muscle isolation. This means that strength exercises are most effective at isolating specific muscles to produce optimal workout results.

Lowered Risk of Injury
Secondly, because your body is held securely in place the chance of injury is oftentimes lowered as a result, compared to say using dumbbell exercises where you would need to pick up heavy weights from the floor, etc.

Finally, strength exercises require little in the form of setting up or manipulations of the equipment required. Since most equipments are designed for a single strength exercise, this means that very little time is wasted, which leaves you more time to actually work out.

Disadvantages to using Strength Exercises

There are a few disadvantages to using strength exercises that you should consider.

Muscle Negligence
While the muscle isolation property of weight exercises was highlighted as an advantage previously, it can also constitute a disadvantage. The potential problem with muscle isolation is that it may enable you to grow specific muscles disproportionately within a muscle group while neglecting others nearby. This is why it's important to take note of the muscles you are exercising and more importantly those not being targeted by your strength exercises.

A second disadvantage to using strength exercises is the price point at which some of these machines sell. Because most are single intended uses, it can be very expensive to equip yourself with all the machines necessary to workout your whole body. This explains why strength exercises are most commonly used at commercial facilities.